Military Grade Thermal and Night Vision Rifle Scopes

TNVH “The Other 12 Hours” is a private company in central Texas operated by individuals with over 50-years combined military, hunting and law enforcement experience. We supply Hunters (mostly of Texas hogs), Ranch Owners, Law Enforcement and Night Vision enthusiasts with military grade thermal and night vision rifle scopes and monoculars.

Noctober 17th & 18th 2014

Register for a NOCTURNAL live fire event that allows technology vendors, law enforcement, and civilians to come together. a rare opportunity for attendees to train with professional devices in Marble Falls, Texas. Click here for more Noctober 2014 information.

Read more about TNVH owners Jerry Head and Jim Buell.

We offer scopes we have personally used that passed our evaluation. We personally test every scope before we offer it for a product. We have a network of military and law enforcement friends and acquaintances that have years of experience using thermal and night vision scopes. So we have our own, plus several additional expert opinions on each product we offer. If we are not impressed, we will not sell it.

There are not many scopes offered at this time, but there will be more added in time. These scopes can be quite expensive. We try to offer high, medium and entry level scopes that all give acceptable to excellent results. In night vision, we have all three levels of pricing. We found some Gen 2 scopes that perform close to Gen 3 quality at a considerably lower cost. That’s our entry level night vision scope with the Armasight CO-X NVD. This scope including the illuminator provides excellent results at half the price of a low-end Gen 3 scope.

We haven’t found an entry level ($3,000 to $4,000) thermal scope yet, right now the LWTS and the Amasight Apollo are the high and mid range scopes we offer.

Some scopes come with selectable electronics, different grades of tubes, and other internal components that will have an effect on the pricing. Be careful when comparing prices, be sure you understand how the scope specifications relate to price and performance.

Live Demonstrations

We have frequent “open house” nights where anyone is welcome to join us and try out any scopes we have on hand. During our informative demonstrations, we will have various tripods, monoculars, rifle scopes and, of course, custom rifles. Some demonstrations may include live hunts including Hogs, Coyotes, Bobcats and other varmints.